Subtle Splendor

When you think of your wild nature, what comes to mind?  Are you running through an old growth forest on the heels of a wolf? Diving naked into a cool pool of water?  Howling at the full moon as you dance around a fire?  Maybe you are doing all of those things.  And if you are, that’s fabulous.  We all need to run through forests, dive into refreshment and give voice to those things that make us howl and dance with abandon.

But sometimes it’s more subtle than that.

Sometimes your wild nature shows up when you lift your eyes to the sun that peeks through the clouds on a dreary day during a slow walk through a city park.  It shows up when you put your high heels in the closet for good because they just aren’t worth it. It shows up when you step outside under a sliver of new moon and wonder where the light has gone through tears that just won’t stop.  It shows up in shadows and dreams and the stuff that no one wants to talk about because it isn’t pretty or nice or put together.

Your wild nature shows up in everything that is authentically you.  You will feel it everywhere if you make a point to notice it.  Your wild essence is found “at the bottom of the well, in the headwaters, in the ether before time. [It is] in the tear and in the ocean. [It] lives in the cambria of trees, which pings as it grows.  [It] is from the future and from the beginning of time.” ~Clarissa Pinkola Estes (adapted)

The wild nature is subtle in its splendor, as opulent as it is gentle, and as quiet as it is screaming from the treetops.  It is all that you can imagine and all those things that you still cannot.


I am the taste of water.

I am the light of the Sun and the Moon. I am the original fragrance of the Earth.

I am the heat in the Fire. I am the life of all that lives.

I am the radiant Sun. Among stars, I am the Moon.

Of bodies of water I am the ocean. Of flowing rivers I am the Ganga.

Of secret things,  I am silence. All opulent, beautiful, and glorious creations

spring from but aspark of my splendor.


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