The Freedom To Improvise

“Attachment guarantees that you will wake up every morning with a mission: to prove you are who you think you are—today. But it’s a total energy drain. You’re so busy performing a role that you miss out on the freedom to improvise, to be real rather than rehearsed.”
― Gabrielle Roth

As a new week begins and you return to the desk or the cash register or the carpool line after a few days away from the daily grind, take a moment to reflect.  How’s your energy today?  Is it low because you are trying to live up to the expectations that you revive each morning?  Did it start high and then start to seep like a dam with a slow leak because you started role playing instead of living your own story?  Or, maybe it’s the same as it always is, a dull hum that you wish would start to pulse to the beat that you know is in you somewhere.

However your energy is showing up today, notice it.  And then ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is contributing to how I feel today?
  2. What attachments do I need to let go of?
  3. Of the things that I can control, what will I change about how I’m showing up to boost my sense of contentment in the here and now?

So notice your energy.  And then let go of the things that are dragging it down.  Learn to improvise, embrace uncertainty and dance on the edge of what feels comfortable.  And then continue with the week living into what you know is real for you, not just what your ego wants you to believe.


“Being entranced by the ego prevents us from feeling pain; in fact, it prevents us from feeling anything—ecstasy, grief, compassion, anger, shame, love—from feeling alive.”

Tomorrow morning you might wake up again with that mission to prove who you think you are.  That’s ok.  Just notice it.  Feel the uncomfortable sensation of needing other people to think you are ok.  Let it be there and try not to judge it.  If you make a point of continuing to notice those tendencies — those things that drain you instead of give you life — one of these mornings you’ll wake up excited to improvise and accept whatever comes from allowing yourself the freedom to be real.


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