A Summer Day

Wake up to bird song, or waves or whispering pines.  Open your eyes to the dawning of a new day, and wander toward voices when you are ready for company of the community.

Stretch your body, swim, kayak, run, hike.  Let your body move how it wants to move as the light starts to fill the sky.  Remember that you are a body and your body is you – you are partners in this life, not enemies.


Nourish yourself with seasonal organic food and fresh water.  Enjoy coffee if coffee agrees with you, and avoid it if it doesn’t.  Eat slowly and mindfully, and welcome the energy of life-giving sustenance into your entire being.


Progress through the day with awareness and grace, whatever awareness and grace feel like to you right now.   Don’t hurry, but move quickly if it feels good.  Stop and rest when you need to be still.  Do your work with the elegance of full presence and hold the space that wants to be held.  Be sure to put it down when you get tired.  Remember to discern the difference between surrendering to what life wants and giving up.

Take in more nourishment when you feel hungry, be it food, rest, play or prayer.  Be reciprocal in your actions, always conscious of the give and take that creates the harmony needed to fill the day with the music of beauty.


Close the day with movement and breath and stillness.  Quiet your mind and sit in the peace that fills the spaces between your thoughts.  Tap into the place of rootedness that is always there when we cultivate it.

Close your eyes to the gentle sounds of night inviting the day to fade, and give thanks for another chance to rest and begin anew.


This post also appears at Embody Abundance.

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