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The Art of Living Wild:  A Journey into the Wild Feminine


Wild Walking 1

The Art of Living Wild is a six week journey into what it means to embody one’s wild feminine nature. It is a journey for those who are interested in living an authentic life; a life that is rooted deeply in nature and in the soul.

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women Who Run With the Wolves, writes:

Where does wild woman live? At the bottom of the well, in the headwaters, in the ether before time. She lives in the tear and in the ocean. She lives in the cambria of trees, which pings as it grows. She is from the future and from the beginning of time.

The wild woman, that is the say, all that is natural, wild and free, is found within every women on this earth. Wild woman is never far away, but it can be easy to forget about her. We forget about her when we put ourselves last, when we say no to the hike, when we hide in the corner and when we no longer remember what it feels like to dance.

In this course, we’ll be asking four questions:

When did we stop singing?

When did we stop dancing?

When did we stop telling stories?

When did we forget to embrace stillness?

When we can address these questions, we start to reclaim wild woman. We start to give ourselves the gift of honoring our soul’s calling, instead of letting all the other things that beckon to us overshadow our deepest desires.

Spring Rejuvenation Cleanse: A great compliment to the Art of Living Wild eCourse, this three week cleanse is intended to wake up the deep wisdom that resides within as the seasons change. Through simple, mindful practices and habits, this spring cleanse will help you connect with your true wild nature, transition into the season of spring with balance and grace, as well as create more harmony in your relationships, your work and your play.

Lessons in Being Alive : This four week course is intended to provide suggestions and strategies that can be be effective in the quest to experience life fully. Sometimes they work really well. Sometimes we fall of the wagon. But if we do these things consistently, we are reminded of the beauty that is possible when we can live in a way that supports noticing what matters.

Invite Renewal : Thinking about the changing seasons invites us to look toward renewal and seek clarity for what we want in our lives. It conjures thoughts of newness and fosters conditions that allow growth to flower into being. It’s a time to wake up to the authentic self, and it’s a time to honor what we need to live abundantly. This short course is designed to help you think about what you want to focus on as we welcome the promise and energy the Earth has to offer, regardless the time of the year.


Our courses are housed at We Are Wildness Uan online learning center for those who want to learn with Nature, about Nature and from Nature. Courses are infused with the wisdom that is found in the wildness of the natural world as well as the lessons that can be gleaned from making living close to the natural world a priority. Course instructors bring expertise from myriad of Nature related fields to those who are called to learn in a new and connected way.