Wellbeing Coaching

When you enter into a coaching relationship, you enter into a space reserved for honoring your authentic self.   You will be asked to bring your full presence to each interaction, and you can expect the same in return.   Coaching is for anyone who wishes to embrace the strengths that they already have and build on them.  It’s for those who want to find what brings joy, and it’s for those who want to let go of what doesn’t.  It’s for those who seek peace, it’s for those who are ready to explore what it means to feel deeply, and it’s for those who want to show up to life ready to claim the life that is available to live.

Striving to live well involves finding a sustainable balance of nourishment, movement, vocation, and presence.  Everyone has the capacity to live fully and to live well, and everyone needs support and community along the way.

We look forward to being a part of your journey.




Coaching sessions are typically 30 minutes to 1 hour in length.  If you prefer to work together via phone, your coach will call you at a designated time, and you are asked to have a pen and paper available for note taking.  Access to a computer can be useful as well, but is not required.  If you prefer to meet in person, a meeting place will be established that works for both parties.

The initial consult will determine the structure of the coaching relationship.  Some individuals prefer to meet once per week for a period of months, while others wish to meet initially, and then use email to correspond until the next session a few months later.  You get to decide what structure is right for you, and the structure can be changed as you progress.

Activities that define coaching include visioning/imagining, goal setting (short and longer term), strategizing, and celebrating success.  The beauty of the coaching model is that you get to decide where to go, and how to get there.  You write your own story.  Your coach is along for the ride to help point out routes, resources and your own strengths that might otherwise go unnoticed.

What story do you want your life to tell?

Coaching is open to anyone (face to face or by phone/Google chat) who has a desire to actively work toward positive change in one or more areas of life.   Examples include, but are not limited to:

Weight Management, Physical Fitness, Healthy Eating, Self-Compassion, Work/Life Balance, Stress Management, Spiritual Development, Mindfulness, Earth Care

Coaching honors the fact that you are the authority in your own life, and does not aim to provide specific nutrition or exercise programs.  It is also not a substitute for mental health counseling or being under a physician’s care for chronic conditions.

Packages include (but are not limited to):

Please note that no one will be turned away.  We try to operate as close to a “gift economy” as possible, so the price amounts listed are fluid and can be adjusted based on each situation.  No one will be turned away due to inability to pay a set fee. 

Option 1: Personal Wellbeing Assessment; Initial 50 minute consult followed by bimonthly 30 minute meetings with email support in between. $70 initially + $45/month as long as coaching communication continues.

Option 2: Personal Wellbeing Assessment; Initial 50 minute consult followed by 30 minute meetings every 4 weeks with email support in between.  $70 initially + $30/month as long as coaching communication continues.

Option 3: Personal Wellbeing Assessment; Initial consultation only, with email support available for the following 3 months. Additional meetings possible upon request/need. $70 initially + $15/month as long as email communications continue.

*Suggested donation for any additional 50 minute coaching sessions is $50.  We request all payments be made by the 10th of each month following the service provided.  A secure paypal link is provided, and checks are accepted as well.  If you’d like to donate/gift something other than money in exchange for coaching, please contact us.

Ayurveda Consultation + personal dosha test: Spend an hour with our Ayurvedic coach, identify your personal dosha and create a plan to help you move forward with eating and personal care practices that will keep you balanced and enhance your sense of wellbeing.  Suggested donation: $80.00 for initial consult and dosha test.

You are asked to commit to a minimum of three months of intentional focus.

Heidi and Melissa both offer wellbeing coaching at present, and Melissa and Lindsey are our Ayurvedic practitioners.  Contact us at wildfire.wellbeing@gmail.com to inquire or get started with your journey.