There are some essential areas of human life that work together to foster a sense of wellbeing, and when optimized, allow us to live well, joyfully and at peace on the earth.

NOURISHMENT.  Human beings need healthy food, water, soil, and air to live fully.   Eating sustainably grown food and doing our part to live in a way that honors the rest of life on the planet and the earth itself is a core element of being able to live an abundant life.  We need to eat to live, but we also need to find pleasure and joy from those things that give our lives nourishment.

MOVEMENT.  The human body is meant to move.  In today’s modern culture, we spend more and more time sitting and less and less time using our physical body to help us sustain life.  We need to be intentional about remembering what our body is for, and we need to honor its true purpose in order to live well. We need to use our bodies and how they can move to flourish and give outlet to our souls.

PURPOSE.  What do you love?  What feeds your soul?  What would you do if you didn’t need to “make a living” in the modern sense?  We all have a vocation, a true calling – a purpose to fulfill during this human life.  We need to figure out what that is, and do it in a way that makes sense for us and for those we love.  We need to listen to those things that call to us, rather than those things that distract us from what truly matters.

PRESENCE.  Being fully present in each moment is a rare thing today.   We are bombarded from all sides by the media, by advertisements, by busyness, and by fear.   We need to take time to come back to the Source of all things – however we interpret that Source – and allow the presence of a something greater than our human self to invite peace and grounding, and to provide a foundation that allows us to step into our own power and be the change that we wish to see in our lives.  When we can operate from a state of love, rather than a state of fear, we can stand on the earth and heed our wild calling, whatever it might be.