Find Your Wild

Discovering true beauty through sustainable wellbeing

Journey With Us

Wildfire Wellness is dedicated to supporting anyone who has the desire to live in a way that honors sustainability, truth and authenticity by cultivating practices that encourage finding a sustainable balance of nourishment, movement, purpose, and presence. We all have the capacity to live fully and to live well, and we all have a chance to look at the world through a lens of abundance, rather than a lens of scarcity.  Our teachings honor the five universal elements: water, earth, fire, wind and space, and we are committed to  exploring how to live yoga from sun to moon, wild to sublime, and fullness to simplicity.

Thank you for your presence here, and may your time on earth be one of wellbeing, peace and commitment to what you deem as enough for a beautiful life.



What people are saying about Wildfire Wellness:

“It was the most accepting, open minded, and non judgmental environment I’ve ever encountered.  Melissa and Heidi do a great job of supporting everyone at whatever point life finds them.”  

“The yoga was so healing and beautiful.” 

“The retreat was perfectly beautiful, and the food was incredible, so nourishing!”

“The combination of dancing, wild yoga, access to nature, and a great group of women willing to talk honestly and openly about their lives was great.”